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"6 Innovative Ways to Incorporate Castor Oil Into Your Beauty Routine"

What is Castor Oil? 

oil in a glass dropper
Oil close up

Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from a plant native to Africa and Asia, known for its rich content of fatty acids like omega-6 and ricinoleic acid. This natural remedy has been utilised for treating various skin conditions for centuries. The pure form of castor oil is a colourless to pale yellow liquid with a unique taste and scent, commonly found in products such as soaps and perfumes.

  1. Moisturiser Mix: it with equal parts olive, almond or coconut oil to create a moisturiser.

  2. For problem skin: Dab some on your face or apply it with a warm flannel to reduce the appearance of problem skin.

  3. Oil pulling: Try oil pulling with castor oil.

  4. Scalp soother: Massage it directly into your scalp to soothe irritated skin and reduce dry skin.

  5. Brow/lash growth: Put a small amount of castor oil on your brows or lashes to promote hair growth.

  6. For split ends: Comb some through split ends.

Get shiny, healthy hair

Castor oil is packed with ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. When applied to the scalp through massage, it can boost blood circulation and enhance hair growth. Moreover, it naturally moisturises and conditions your hair, resulting in a glossy and healthy appearance.

Black wone with healthy curly hair
Beautiful hair

Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

When it comes to moisturising, castor oil's essential fatty acids can aid in replenishing the skin's natural moisture levels. By penetrating the skin and stimulating collagen production, it works to soften and hydrate the skin effectively.

Older lady with beautiful clear skin
Embrace your skin

It has antifungal properties

Certain studies indicate that the high-fat content of castor oil is effective in shielding the skin against bacteria that cause spots. For those who practice oil pulling, castor oil is a beneficial choice and can potentially improve the look of troubled skin when used as a cleanser.

natural oils used for skin care
cosmetic oils

It’s moisturising

Finally, castor oil is highly moisturising, offering a fantastic natural option to soothe your skin, soften your nails, and nourish your eyelashes effectively!

Moreover, it can serve as a substitute for conditioner, especially beneficial for those with a dry scalp or fragile hair.

Beautiful glowing skin of a women of colour
Glowing skin close up

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